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Discover Yemen Coffee: A Journey to the Heart of Exquisite Flavors

Yemeni coffee boasts a rich history. Originating from Ethiopia and finding its way to Yemen centuries ago, the credit for turning Coffee beans into this iconic beverage goes to the Yemeni people.During the sixth century, coffee traveled across the Red Sea to Yemen when the Ethiopian invaders invaded it. In Yemen, it was named qahwa, a term that once meant "wine" in Arabic and now signifies "coffee." This irresistible brew quickly became an integral part of Yemeni culture.

What sets Yemeni coffee apart is its unmatched quality, cultivated using traditional and natural farming practices that have endured for over 500 years. The exceptional flavor and aroma that make premium Yemeni coffee beans highly coveted worldwide can be attributed to the time-honored techniques used by the Yemeni Coffee farmers.


Coffee farming is rooted in ancient traditions dating back to the 1500s. Yemeni farmers meticulously cultivate coffee trees on mountainous terraces above 8000 feet. After letting them grow for five years, the cherries are carefully hand-picked, which is labor-intensive. The cherries are then sun-dried on rooftops for approximately four weeks. Once dried, farmers manually extract the coffee beans from the husks using traditional millstones and hand-clean them. Yemen follows a different approach than other specialty coffee-producing regions, where the fruit is typically separated from the beans before drying. This results in irregularly shaped beans and an inherent inconsistency in taste, which adds to the charm and intrigue of Yemeni coffee.

Yemen Coffee
Yemen Coffee Beans Online
Yemen Coffee Beans

The Rich History of Yemen Coffee

Yemen coffee, originating from Ethiopia, found its way to Yemen, where it underwent distinct brewing methods, creating its version peculiar to Yemen. When the Sufi Monks discovered its potential in the 15th century, they began to utilize the darkened Yemen coffee beans for a stimulating drink to aid their night-time studies. This practice spread across major cities, making "mocha" synonymous with coffee.


By the 17th century, the port city of Al Mokha became the hub of the global coffee trade, establishing Yemen's dominance in the Coffee trade. However, competition emerged from Java in the 18th century, challenging Yemen's monopoly. Despite this, Yemen continued to grow and export coffee.

Coffee Farmers From Yemen
Yemeni Coffee
Yemen Coffee Market

Yemeni Coffee Beans from MOKAFÉ

Ancient Typica

Ancient Typica coffee beans from Yemen are a specific variety of coffee cultivated in Yemen for centuries. The Typica variety is one of the oldest known coffee varieties and is believed to have originated in Yemen. It boasts a unique flavor profile, often described as complex and rich, with chocolate, spice, and fruit notes.


The term "Ancient Typica" highlights these coffee beans' historical significance and heritage. It indicates that the coffee trees harvested from these beans have been cultivated using traditional methods passed down through generations. It includes the entire scheme of things, not to mention growing the coffee trees on mountainous terraces at high altitudes and using intricate hand-picking and sun-drying techniques.


The Ancient Typica coffee beans from Yemen are highly regarded in the specialty coffee industry for their phenomenal quality and distinctive taste. They are considered rare and are widely sought after due to limited production and the unique growing conditions in Yemen.

Coffee Growing Regions In Yemen

Coffee growing regions in Yemen

The rugged mountains of Yemen hold a timeless tradition of coffee production. A standard view of small terraced plots clinging to the slopes, nourished by rain-fed cisterns, cascading water down to the coffee plants is a conventional practice in this region. This unique process, virtually unchanged over the years, yields some of the world's rarest coffee beans.Yemen's decentralized production and the ongoing civil war challenge obtaining Yemen coffee beans. Nevertheless, the hardship makes it worthwhile when the result is unparalleled flavors and aromas.


The four major growing regions in Yemen's western mountains are Harazi, Mattari, Sanani, and Ismaili. Each region endows its distinct character on the coffee beans, resulting in a genuinely diverse and captivating coffee experience.


There are three famous varieties of Yemen Coffee:

  • The Mocca Khulani Natural boasts a rich, earthy profile that speaks of its origin. 

  • The Mocca Hajjah Natural enchants with its notes of chocolate and spice, creating a truly memorable cup. 

  • For unique blend enthusiasts, the Red Sea Blend combines Ethiopian and Yemen coffee beans in a harmonious combination of flavors.

Flavor Profile

The exquisite flavors of Yemen coffee beans exude the richness of chocolate notes, the succulent hint of berries, and subtle woody undertones. With a well-balanced, medium-body, and vibrant acidity, each sip is a journey that will ignite your senses.

Yemen Fruits Chocolata

Ancient Typica coffee grown in the enchanting Haima region of Yemen with Balanced, sweet, and medium aftertaste.



10% OFF

Mattari Coffee

Based on the growing region, Mattari coffee is primarily cultivated in the mountainous region of Mattari, Yemen. The exceptional quality of this Coffee can be attributed to the combination of fertile soil and ideal climate conditions in this region. Grown at high elevations, the coffee cherries benefit from cool temperatures, ample rainfall, and well-drained soil, resulting in beans that are rich in flavor and complexity. Try our premium Mattari coffee, from its origins in the breathtaking Yemeni mountains Now!

Harazi Coffee

Based on the growing region, Harazi coffee is primarily grown in the Haraz Mountains of Yemen; the unique microclimate and elevation contribute to its distinctive taste. Cool temperatures, ample shade, and rich volcanic soil create the perfect conditions for cultivating premium coffee beans. The Harazi coffee cherries ripen slowly, allowing the flavors to develop fully, resulting in a cup that boasts a harmonious balance of fruity sweetness, floral notes, and a hint of spice. Try our premium Harazi coffee, from its origins in the breathtaking Yemeni mountains Now!

Yemen Coffee Regions

Abdulhakeem Jarma

Ancient Typica beans from Yemen's picturesque Jama region with juicy, bright acidity, cotton candy, lemon, and jasmine notes.



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Ghalib Barrel Aged

Ancient Typica beans from the picturesque Wadi Sail region of Yemen with juicy, bright acidity, and red fruits notes.



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Taher Saleh Abarat

Ancient Typica beans from the captivating Abarat region of Yemen with juicy, bright acidity, and medium aftertaste.



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