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Abdulhakeem Jarma, Ancient Typica

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$45.00Sale Price
1 Ounce

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Savor the extraordinary "Abdulhakeem Jarma" coffee, showcasing ancient Typica beans from Yemen's picturesque Jama region. This single farmer nano lot, produced by Abdulhakeem Jarma, delivers an intense and distinct flavor experience. Grown in Jarma Village, East-Haraz Area, at elevations ranging from 2,183 to 2,350 meters, this coffee boasts a natural processing method and traditional sun-drying on African raised beds. Prepare for a sensory delight as you experience the juicy, bright acidity complemented by notes of cotton candy, lemon, and jasmine. Available as whole beans or ground coffee, you can even customize the roast to suit your preferences. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of Ja'adi, Dawairi, Udaini, and Old Typica varieties, and embrace the unmatched flavors that define Yemeni coffee.

  • Juicy, bright acidity, cotton candy, lemon, and jasmine

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