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  • Yemen Fruits Chocolata coffee
  • Yemen Chocolata coffee

Yemen Fruits Chocolata Village Lot, Ancient Typica

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$19.80Sale Price
1 Ounce

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Experience the captivating "Yemen Fruits Chocolata" coffee, grown in the enchanting Haima region of Yemen. This ancient Typica variety is a testament to Yemen's rich coffee heritage. Processed naturally, it showcases a balanced profile with a sweet flavor and a medium aftertaste that lingers pleasantly. Available as whole beans or ground coffee, you can even customize the roast to your liking. Sourced from the Bani Matar farmers in Haima Village, this coffee undergoes the traditional rooftop drying method, harnessing the power of the sun. With a unique blend of Ja'adi, Dawairi, Udaini, and Old Typica varieties, it thrives at an altitude of 1700-2200 meters. Immerse yourself in the essence of Yemen's highest mountain, Mount Nabi Shuaib, and savor the remarkable flavors of this extraordinary coffee.

  • Balanced, sweet, and medium aftertaste

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