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Our Story - Mokafe

Our Story

MOKAFÉ, a name that finds its origin in the ancient coffee trading port in Yemen "Mokha" and one of the most famous coffee-based drinks, Mocha - MOKAFÉ is a specialty coffee experience rooted in the values of sustainable farming,  traceability of coffee beans,  single-origin freshly roasted coffee and sourced from smaller farms to create the perfect coffee moment for you!

Our Mission

When you buy a bag of our specialty coffee, you will be indulged in the history and origin of the beans. We draw your attention to the finer points of the entire supply chain of our single-origin freshly roasted coffee. At MOKAFÉ, the coffee farmers take the spotlight with their sustainable farming methods, coffee growing, and trade practices.

Café Gallery

Cafe Gallery

A captivating collection of stunning MOKAFÉ coffee inspired photographs.

Carlos Morales


Juan Morales


Ahmed Al-Hakim


Ali Hassan


Meet Our Special Team
The bridge between the Third and Second-wave of coffee

The bridge between the Third and Second-wave of coffee

We uniquely approach coffee as a science and an art! We strive to introduce our customers to different flavor notes, aromas, and textures while still enjoying that social cup of coffee with a friend. We are here to fuel your curiosity about how the coffee in your cup was harvested, what flavors is brought from its origin, the brewing techniques involved, the roasting method, and bringing you face to face with farmers whose coffee beans you enjoyed.

What Is Fika?

It all starts with Fika!

We are here to create a therapeutic, unique coffee experience that promotes well-being and productivity.

Fika is a state of mind - a mindset that embraces slowing down from fast paced-life and taking delight in and appreciating the unique flavors of your coffee and the company around you.

What is Fika?

Let's trace the origins of this delicious tradition - Fika! Originating in Sweden, the word is a clever play around the word 'Kaffi', the old spelling of coffee. At first, it was all about the coffee - introduced to Sweden in the 18th century - but soon, the tasty treats known as 'fikabröd' stole the show. Now, Fika is a premium coffee break enjoyed by people worldwide! From cozy cafes to the comfort of your home, Fika is the perfect way to take a break and indulge in coffee and treats with loved ones. Let's not forget the social aspect of Fika - it's a chance to catch up with friends and recharge your batteries for the day ahead. So why not join the fika movement and experience the warm and lovely feeling of bringing people together over a cup of coffee?

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