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Taher Saleh Abarat: A Coffee Artisan's Legacy

Introducing Taher Saleh Abarat, an exceptional farmer hailing from the vibrant Abarat Village in the East-Haraz Area of Manakha, Sana'a, Yemen. Taher's dedication to his craft and his commitment to producing exceptional coffee sets him apart as a single farmer nano lot producer.

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About farmer

At an altitude of 2000 meters, Taher's coffee plantations thrive in the ideal conditions offered by the region's breathtaking landscapes. The processing of his coffee beans follows the traditional African Raised Beds method, where the cherries are carefully dried under the gentle warmth of the sun, allowing them to develop unique flavors.
Taher's repertoire of coffee varieties includes Ja'adi, Udaini, Dawairi, and Old Typica, each contributing its own distinct characteristics to the final product. This diverse blend of cultivars creates a harmonious symphony of flavors that captivates coffee enthusiasts.
With four children currently attending school in Manakha, Taher's unwavering dedication to his craft allows him to support his family. As a seasoned coffee farmer, he has honed his expertise over the years, ensuring a yield of approximately 3,000 kilograms of cherries. Coffee remains the sole source of income for Taher and his family, making it a vital part of their lives.
Taher's commitment to coffee quality has garnered recognition and support from the Ministry of Agriculture. Through their assistance, he was able to expand his coffee plantations, boasting an impressive collection of around 2,000 coffee trees. These trees represent not only his livelihood but also his dedication to preserving the legacy of Yemeni coffee farming.

Carefully processed by Taher himself, the coffee beans emanate a captivating intensity of flavors and a delightful aroma. Each sip offers a glimpse into the meticulous work and passion poured into crafting this exceptional brew.
Indulge in the remarkable flavors of Taher Saleh Abarat's coffee—a testament to the elegance, expertise, and unwavering dedication of a remarkable farmer. With each purchase, you support not only Taher's family but also the rich traditions and heritage of Yemeni coffee cultivation.

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