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Wadi Sail

A Taste of Yemen's Finest: Ghalib's Legacy

Originating from the captivating region of Wadi Seil Village, Haraz Area, Manakha, Sana'a, Yemen, Ghalib is an esteemed coffee producer who has dedicated himself to crafting exceptional coffee. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, this village is known for its agricultural prowess, with coffee being the primary crop that thrives in the fertile soil of the region.

Farmer Gallery

Capturing the Art of Farmer

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About farmer

Working in close collaboration with Mr. Ghalib, this lot showcases the fruits of their partnership, aiming to create the perfect semi-anaerobic Barrel Yemen Mocha. Ghalib's expertise and passion for coffee quality shine through, resulting in a coffee that is rich in flavors and revered for its outstanding quality year after year.
In Wadi Seil, coffee farming is intertwined with the daily lives of its inhabitants. Alongside coffee cultivation, farmers also grow wheat, which serves as the staple food of the community. Every day, they transform the wheat into bread, sustaining themselves with the nourishing harvest from their land.
Blessed with relatively abundant rainfall, the land of Wadi Seil contributes to the lush growth of coffee plants, enhancing the flavors and complexities found in Ghalib's coffee. As a respected leader in this region, Ghalib's commitment to coffee quality has earned him the admiration and respect of the surrounding farmers.
The meticulous processing of Ghalib's coffee involves a semi-anaerobic method, where the beans are carefully stored in barrels for seven days. This unique approach infuses the coffee with distinct characteristics that captivate the palate, setting it apart from other varieties.
With each cup brewed from Ghalib's harvest, coffee enthusiasts can savor the essence of his passion and dedication. From the captivating flavors to the enticing aromas, this coffee is a testament to Ghalib's unwavering commitment to excellence.
Embrace the exceptional taste of Ghalib's coffee from Wadi Seil Village—a remarkable brew born from the harmonious synergy between nature, expertise, and a deep-rooted passion for quality. Each sip pays homage to the land, the farmers, and the legacy of a man devoted to crafting remarkable Yemen Mocha coffee.

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