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  • Guatemala Coffee: Quisache
  • Guatemala Coffee Beans From Acatenango Region


25٫00$ سعر عادي
$22.50سعر البيع
1 أونصة

10% OFF

Experience the remarkable "Quisache" coffee hailing from the Acatenango region of Guatemala. Cultivated with care by the Santizo Family at an elevation of 1500 MASL, this washed Anacafe 14 variety boasts a sweet and bright acidity that enlivens the senses. Whether you prefer whole bean or ground, "Quisache" offers a captivating taste journey. Delve into the intricate flavors nurtured by the Santizo Family, as they bring you the essence of Acatenango's terroir. With each sip of "Quisache," immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Guatemalan coffee, savoring the harmonious blend of sweetness and brightness that defines this extraordinary brew.

  • Sweet and Bright Acidity

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